Beauty’s Beasts

Beauty’s Beasts is a steamy, modern-day MFM fairy tale.

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These two beasts want to take her to their castle and ravish her.

Isabelle’s older brother owes a huge debt to his two friends—two friends Isabelle has crushed on since she was a teen. When they demand Isabelle as payment, she has no choice. She must go to their castle.

Dustin and Micah are dominant, beastly men who want nothing more than to protect and claim Isabelle. She used to be an awkward teenager but has grown into a stunning woman. The arrangement is only supposed to last for a week.

One week shouldn’t be enough time to fall in love…yet somehow this beautiful girl uses her heart to tame not one, but two beasts.

Beauty’s Beasts is a steamy, modern-day MFM fairy tale. It was previously published under the title Their Little Sundae in the Eat Your Heart Out 3 charity anthology.

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