Calista Jayne Books Reading Order

Their Babydoll Series

  1. Daddies’ Girl
  2. Daddies’ Babydoll
  3. Daddies’ Little Angel
  4. Daddies’ Princess
  5. Daddies’ Sweetheart
  6. Daddies Ever After

Cinderella’s Daddies series

  1. Falling for Them
  2. Kneeling for Them
  3. Submitting to Them
  4. Belonging to Them

Their Little Liar (titled Daddies’ Little Liar on Radish)

  1. Filthy Fiction
  2. Dirty Diction
  3. Tempting Tales
  4. Naughty Novels

There are three other stories set in the same world, but they don’t have to be read in any particular order. For readers who want the true reading order, they may want to read Rapunzel’s Sweet Release between the Cinderella’s Daddies and the Their Little Liar series, as that’s when I wrote it. Here’s the list:

Fiercely Filthy Fairy Tales series

These are standalone stories that can be read at any time.

  • Little Red’s Temptation (not connected to the San Esteban universe)
  • Rapunzel’s Sweet Release (titled Her Donut Daddies on Radish)
  • Beauty’s Beasts (currently only available to members of the Babydolls Club)

Ouch! My Vampire Doms …

The My Vampire Doms series can be read at any time, although the books within the series should be read in order.

  1. Ouch! My Vampire Doms Keep Biting Me
  2. Ouch! My Vampire Doms Don’t Sparkle
  3. Ouch! My Vampire Doms Built a Scary Dungeon
  4. Ouch! My Vampire Doms Have Really Long…Fangs
  5. Ouch! My Vampire Doms Give Good Spankings
  6. Ouch! My Vampire Doms Stole My Heart


These are standalone stories that can be read at any time.

  • Playing by Their Rules
  • Daddies’ Little Troublemaker