Daddies’ Little Troublemaker

Daddies’ Little Troublemaker is a standalone MFM erotic romance. It will be available on March 19th on retailers, and two weeks early (March 5th) on Calista’s store!

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Double the daddies, double the trouble.

It sucks being cheated on. It sucks worse when my fiancé cheats with my sister. And for extra suckage, my mom takes their side.

Now I’m left without a fiancé, without a support network, and without an apartment. I have no choice but to move in with my estranged father.

Turns out, I’m not the only one living under his roof. His stepbrother is here, too. And that stepbrother? He’s hotter than the sinful fantasies I really shouldn’t be having about him and his best friend.

Somehow, I have to mend my broken heart and not fall in love with my step-uncle and his equally hot friend. Unfortunately, before I even knew who they were…I slept with them both.

Content warning/tropes. Please note that some of these are spoiler-y: age gap; step-relations (step-uncle and step-niece); BDSM with spanking, restraints, and light Daddydom/little girl dynamic; role-playing; ménage (MFM); verbal and emotional abuse perpetrated by a side character on the heroine; gaslighting perpetrated by a side character on the heroine. This one is more angsty than usual.

Also: heaps o’ sexytimes and melodrama because that’s how I roll. 😉