Filthy Fiction

Filthy Fiction is the first book in the Their Little Liar series. It was first published as Daddies’ Little Liar on Radish.

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Here’s the first chapter!

The cursor blinks on my laptop. The scene I’m working on is underway. Full of potential.
My roommates are still asleep. I haven’t had coffee, I haven’t eaten yet. I basically just rolled out of bed, powered on my laptop, and sat down on the couch with it. I’m bleary-eyed and tired, but this is when I do my best work—when I’m still half-dreaming.
Taking a deep breath, I begin to type.

“Fuck yes,” he said, his cock thick and punishing.
He thrust into her again and again and she welcomed him, welcomed the onslaught. She welcomed the way she would be sore in the morning, remembering this night for good. Forever.

It’s just a few lines but it gives me the strength to keep going. My shift at the library starts in forty-five minutes. If I type fast, I can finish this final, epic sex scene in My Ex’s Dad and be on time for work. I’ll be uncaffeinated, but that’s what the shitty break room coffee machine is for.
The next half-hour passes quickly, in a mad fever of my two characters moaning, thrusting, licking, sucking. The book is done. Yes. I punch the air over my head in silent celebration.
I save my work, then save it to my back-up drive, then I email it to myself to save there, too. Paranoid, much? Maybe. But I’ve been burned too many times by lost work.
I run the story through an error-finding program to get rid of pesky typos, and then through a book formatter. I make sure my pen name is safely in place. Sammie Starr. That’s me—or rather, my slutty alter-ego. The cover is ready to go—I paid way too much for it, but it was exactly what this book needed. A woman, blindfolded, faces the viewer. Behind her, a man is gripping the straps of her dress, and it looks as if he’s about to rip it off of her. The font treatment is chef’s kiss—fucking bright, girly, sexy. I love it.
Everything has come together to create this final product. I upload the files to my distributor. They are ready to go. People are going to buy this book, a fact which never ceases to amaze and humble me.
Next step, I upload the product to a free book distribution system.
And here comes the part that freaks me out. Every. Single. Time.
But I can’t stop doing it, I can’t quit. I can’t quit him.
I grab the option from the pull-down menu. GIFT THIS BOOK.
Then I plug in his email address.
Does he even check this email anymore? I haven’t received any “undeliverable” messages, but that doesn’t mean he sees these book deliveries.
Using my pen name’s email address, I’ve sent him every single book since I started publishing a year ago. I haven’t told him the books are from me. I haven’t contacted him in any other way.
And even though this freaks me out, even though it scares the ever-loving shit out of me, it’s also the highest of highs. I click send, and I’m so exhilarated, I could happily scream.
That would scare the ever-loving shit out of my roommates, though, so I hold back.
Just the idea that Gideon could read this book…
Just the thought that he might guess I wrote it…
Just the fantasy of him stroking his cock to my words…
…does it for me.
The story ended up perfect.
What’s not perfect?
Having to go to work while horny.


My boss, Izzie, leans forward at the front circulation desk of The Corbin Library. Her curly black hair is pulled back in a half ponytail, which makes her signature giant hoop earrings more visible than usual. The silver glints in the sun streaming through the library’s skylight in the lobby. Her wide mouth stretches in a brilliant smile. “Good morning, Samantha! It’s your last day before your vacation, woohoo!”
“Woohoo,” I echo with less enthusiasm. The woman is entirely too cheery.
She laughs. “Can you walk the new employee through the different rooms of the library?”
“Sure…coffee first?” I say.
Izzie rolls her eyes and chuckles. “Yeah, fine. Were you writing before you came in?”
“You know it.”
“And your pen name is…” She raises her eyebrows, waiting.
“It’s Cornelius B. You-Don’t-Get-To-Know.” I wink. “Trust me, you don’t wanna know.”
“Your lack of trust wounds me,” she says.
“Well, your respect is too important to me,” I say, “and if you knew the shit I was writing, well…you’d never look at me the same way again. Let’s just continue to agree to disagree on this.”
She pouts and waves an imperious hand at me. “Fine. Get your coffee, oh writer of smut. And Millie’s cleaning the bathrooms right now, but she’ll need a tour as soon as you’re ready.”
If I were still working at the San Esteban School of the Arts university library, I would not be expected to give a tour to the new building cleaner. But soon after leaving SESA, I found a job at The Corbin, a private library. It’s closer to my apartment, the hours are better, and despite her constant optimism (or maybe because of it, but you’ll never hear me admit it out loud), Izzie is a dream to work with.
After grabbing a cup of coffee, I head toward the restrooms and find a woman with brown hair stepping out of them, a cleaning cart in tow. I don’t know why I expected her to be in her twenties, like Izzie and me, but she looks to be in her late forties. I feel odd that I’m going to be giving instructions to someone old enough to be my mother, but I suck it up, because this is my job.
“Hey, welcome to The Corbin,” I say.
“Thanks! I’m Millie. You must be Samantha?” She smiles and holds out a hand.
I shake her hand and say, “Yep. Izzie wants me to show you around, so is now a good time?”
She nods and I take her through the main two two floors of the library, pointing out the various collections. The Corbin boasts art and science displays as well as books. Nothing super expensive or prestigious, but as I look at it again through Millie’s eyes, it does look kind of impressive, with tables in the center of the rooms covered in glass and housing everything from gemstones and seashells to beaded jewelry and miniature sculptures.
The walls, of course, are lined with books.
I say to Millie, “Each room has a theme of sorts, including an entire room dedicated to the indigenous peoples of North America. Another room is solely about women in STEM.”
“Nice,” she says.
We move from the room about medieval weaponry, which is very gothic and dark, and into a bright room with paintings of ocean waves and beaches on the walls.
Millie says, “Okay, what’s the theme of this room?”
“This is the largest collection of books about surfing—in the entire world,” I say.
Millie looks around. “Every book in here? Is about surfing?”
“Amazing.” She smiles at the ladder which will slide back and forth along the shelves. “Thank you for sharing all of this with me. I know I’ll just be cleaning, but it’s nice to know a little more about what I’m cleaning, you know?”
“Totally. And the patrons are pretty cool, too. They might ask you about where to find things, so it’s good to have a rough understanding of the building.”
“For sure. Thanks again.”
I leave Millie to her work, and get back to mine. Today, Izzie has me in the basement cataloging a new shipment of weapons history books. The room is well-lit and cool, the work is peaceful and quiet, and my mind wanders while I work. I’m baking up a new outline because now that I’ve published My Ex’s Dad, it’s time for another story to take shape in my mind, with new characters, new problems, and new sex positions.
My shift is over before I know it, and I stop at the circulation desk to say goodbye to Izzie.
“Hey, have a great time at your friend’s wedding,” Izzie says. “Which island are you going to, again?”
“Maui,” I say.
“Nice. Destination wedding. Bold move,” Izzie says. “I hope they’re paying your way.”
“Yep, no worries there,” I say.
They’re paying for my flight and hotel, and they offered to cover more than that, but I wouldn’t let them. Olivia has made lots of little comments worrying about me being able to afford the trip.
I haven’t told her everything about my past yet, but I can definitely afford it. At least, in theory. Eventually. In two years, I’ll turn twenty-five, and then my trust gets handed over to me. I get an allowance, but I haven’t touched it. I won’t touch it. Keeping my roommates around, publishing my stories, and working the library job has been allowing me to get by and put a little money in the bank each month.
I get back to the apartment. Addison and Greg aren’t around—they’re probably off somewhere else canoodling. At least now they don’t have to hide it from me like they did when I was seeing Greg.
Yeah, they cheated. While all three of us were living together. And they’re still seeing each other. Ew. I can’t fucking wait to get out of this apartment, but the lease lasts two more months, and I’m not going to eat the loss. They complain about things being “awkward” and there being “tension” but I don’t see them eating the loss and moving out early, either.
At any rate, they aren’t here right now.
I power on my laptop again and check email. Procrastination. It’s glorious. I need to write down the outline I’ve been tweaking in my head all day, but email suddenly seems much more pressing and doable.
First I check my author name inbox, which is mostly notifications from retailers, saying my book was successfully published. Go, me! Then, still not ready to start on the next story, I check my real-name inbox.
There are two emails at the top, from two men I haven’t heard from in years. The most recent is from my uncle, Karl. My mom’s brother. He used to come around from time to time and visit with me after my parents died.
The other email is from Gideon. My heart pitter-patters extra fast at the sight of his name, right there, in print. Did he get my story? He emailed me after I sent it to him, so it could be that he’s finally calling me out on my fucked up attempts to claim his notice.
Maybe his email is some form of punishment.
I certainly wouldn’t mind being punished by Gideon.
A scene begins to play in my mind. Before I’m even aware of it, I’m opening up my writing program and starting a fresh document.

“You’re very naughty,” he said, tapping her bare ass cheek with the ruler. Not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to get her attention.
“Well, I haven’t been properly motivated to behave,” she responded, arching her back, trying to show him more of her ass, craving that contact between them.
Craving the punishment.
“I don’t know what to do with you,” he said.
“Punish me, Daddy,” she whimpered.

I delete “Daddy” and replace it with “Sir.” While the concept of calling a bed partner “Daddy” appeals to me on a primal level, I’m not quite ready to explore it in my own writing yet.

“You want me to punish you?” he asked in a low, dangerous voice.
She wriggled. She felt so exposed, bent over his desk like this, so vulnerable and open to him. It was degrading, humiliating, and yet it was the biggest turn-on in the world.
“Answer me,” he said.
“I—I forgot the question.”
“Do you want me to punish you?”
He made a tsking sound like he was disappointed. “Oh, babe. You don’t know what you’re asking for.”
Her skirt was bunched up around her hips and her panties were pooled around her feet on the floor. She thought she had a pretty good idea what she was asking for.
“Please, Sir,” she said. “I’ve been so bad. I feel terrible, and only you can help me feel better.”
“But it’s going to hurt.” He tapped the ruler on her ass again. A warning. A promise.