Handcuffed by the Bounty Hunters

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They’ll never stop chasing me…but maybe I want to be caught.

I’ve seen too much. Far too late, I’ve discovered that there’s no easy way out of dating a powerful business mogul. And after witnessing something I shouldn’t have, I need to make a choice—run, or die.

The man who once swore he loved me has hired two big, hulking mercenaries to hunt me down. If they find me, they’re going to kill me for the evidence I squirreled away, I just know it.

But when they catch up to me in a deserted mountain cabin, they don’t kill me. They might even believe my story. They’re kind. Thoughtful, even. The storm raging outside has nothing on the maelstrom pummeling my heart.

Because if I can trust these two stern, commanding men? I just might fall in love with them.

Handcuffed by the Bounty Hunters is a standalone, MFM romance with a generous side helping of suspense. If you like stern, protective heroes and you think two is better than one, grab your copy today!