Ouch! My Vampire Doms Keep Biting Me

Ouch! My Vampire Doms Keep Biting Me is the first book in the My Vampire Doms series.

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Ouch! My Vampire Doms Keep Biting Me cover

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Two kinky vampires, one lucky woman.

If my homicidal monster of a stepfather catches me, he will kill me. So I run. I hide. It’s what I’m best at.

Unfortunately, the place I find to hide is filled with its own kind of monsters—the kind who crave my blood.

They also crave my body.

They crave my submission.

And despite the danger, I don’t hide. Because I crave their dominance.

TRIGGER/CONTENT WARNING: Although this series has a silly title, it is not a silly book. It includes deaths of parents (in the past, not on the page), BDSM, spanking, MFM/ménage, exhibitionism, restraints, Daddydoms (lite! No pacifiers or diapers; none of my books have those). Also, there is blood because these Daddydoms are vampires, and vampires bite. But only when she wants them to. 😉