Ouch! My Vampire Doms Built a Scary Dungeon

Ouch! My Vampire Doms Built a Scary Dungeon is the third book in the My Vampire Doms series.

Ouch! My Vampire Doms Built a Scary Dungeon cover

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Whips, chains…fangs. It’s a whole vibe.

Something’s going on with my body—some kind of illness. Magical or medical, we don’t know, and it’s freaking out these dominant vampires.

Will throws himself into the kitchen, stress-cooking meals large enough to feed a family of sixteen. Xander buys a whole new library’s worth books, searching for answers. When the local witch goes missing, though, our cozy library hideaway loses its protections and is plunged into danger. Sick or not, I have to help. Our enemies are closing in and time is running out.

Content warning: vampires, BDSM, blood (they bite! they drink the blood! they are vampiiiiires rawr), concerning health issues and related anxieties over potential diagnoses, caretaking p0rn, hurt/comfort, Daddydoms.