Ouch! My Vampire Doms Stole My Heart

Ouch! My Vampire Doms Stole My Heart is the sixth book in the My Vampire Doms series.

Ouch! My Vampire Doms Stole My Heart cover

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I never thought falling in love could hurt so much.

They’re supposed to set me aside. They’re supposed to forget all about me. They’re supposed to start over with someone new.

But this is Will and Xander we’re talking about. They never let someone else dictate what they’re supposed to do. There’s only one way to be together, and it means defeating their number one enemy…even if I have to stake him myself.

This series includes lots of biting and blood (because vampires!), steamy MFM menage fun, dominant vampires, BDSM, and Daddy Doms without the age play. There is suspense and danger, including kidnapping and brief scenes of torture.