Their Rebellious Princess

Their Rebellious Princess is the first book in the Daddies’ Princess series.

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Two dominant bodyguards. One desperate princess. A dash of daddy issues. It’s the perfect recipe for a royally effed-up romance. 

I’ve spent my entire life imprisoned by my father’s rules. What to wear, what to eat, where to go, who to talk to—no decision is mine to make. Worse, he’s decided I’m to marry a man of his choosing. 

Is it any surprise that I act out? 

He’s assigned two guards to keep me complacent. I have no choice but to rebel. My father thinks they’ll stop me from escaping, but I have another, more twisted plan in mind. I’ll dazzle them, seduce them, manipulate them into helping me break the rules.

Both guards are stern, sexy, and dominant. Both of them refuse to touch me. 

Can they make me behave? I bet my crown that they can’t.

Their Rebellious Princess is the first book in a ménage romance series featuring Princess Ruby and her two dominant bodyguards. If you like MFM romance, daddy kink, royal intrigue, and drama, fall in love with this threesome today! 

Content warnings for the series (may include spoilers): mentions of domestic violence (in the past, not shown as a scene), death of a parent, gun violence (brief), verbal abuse by a parent to an adult. Plus all the usuals: daddy kink, BDSM and power dynamics, corruption kink, spanking, MFM/ménage, exhibitionism, restraints. There is gaslighting, misogyny, and characters in suspenseful, violent situations. All characters in this series are adults.